Terms and Conditions


  1. General
    1. All Custom Furniture Orders have a lead time of approximately 4 to 9 weeks depending on type of order. Customer Service will advise the customer as to the exact lead time for a specific order.
    2. Custom orders placed at PlushJungles require a signature of approval to process. Once an order is processed, unfortunately NO CHANGES MAY BE MADE.
    3. Lead times are approximate. PLUSHJUNGLES will do its best to meet lead times, although factors outside our control make it impossible for us to guarantee any specific due date. Cancellations are not accepted on the basis of an over due lead time.
    4. PLUSHJUNGLES does not accept returns or cancellations on any custom orders. Store credit may only be issued on stock items and are subject to a 20% restocking fee. Returned items must be in perfect condition, with receipt, and within 30 days. All "Sale" items are sold "As-Is" and no returns or store credits will be allowed.
    5. It is your responsibility to ensure that any items you order will fit into your space. PlushJungles will not be responsible
    6. If an item does not fit. You will incur and agree to pay an additional charge for any re-delivery. Please inspect your order thoroughly prior to signing any delivery documents; in the event damages are incurred during the delivery, it is imperative that you note any and all damages at the time of delivery. Please contact us immediately.
    7. Due to the characteristics of wood, fabrics and other materials ( Please check Timber Disclaimer ), there will be variations in colors and grains. Sometimes a sample may appear slightly different than your actual production piece. Additionally, computer monitors display colors in photo images slightly differently, depending on a wide variety of different settings and actual monitors. Therefore a specific product image you see on your computer monitor, may be a different shade to the actual piece.
  2. Timber Disclaimer
    1. No one piece of timber is alike and Customers’ should expect a variance in tone, veins, grain pattern, and knots. We cannot guarantee how the timber will look on a Product, nor can we provide an exact match to a product displayed on our website.
    2. PLUSHJUNGLES undertakes to provide a product that is as close as possible to the preferences that our Customers describe.
    3. We recommend that Customer’s ask to see our timber swatches to get an understanding about the different types of timber we use can look.However, the swatches are indicative only and should be considered as a guide.
    4. The colour of timber can also vary over time.
    5. Natural timber by nature, is not a light weight product. We cannot provide any guarantees about the weight of the final product, especially in new custom designed pieces. If the movability or weight of a product is important to you, you must raise this with PLUSHJUNGLES during the consultation process so that it can be factored into your design.
    6. Timber is a natural product, and can change as a result of water content levels. This can cause small splits as the timber expands and contracts based on its environment. Customers should expect that this may occur, as this is part of the natural process and is not a defect in the product.
    7. Timber is a living product and changes in different environments, such as being moved between cool and warm environments, heating and air-conditioning and being exposed to sunlight. When a change in environment occurs quickly, small splits in the timber may appear as a result. This is part of the natural adaptation process that occurs with Timber and such splits are not a defect in the product.
    8. PLUSHJUNGLES does not use machine based manufacturing to cut and shape our products. All of our products are made by hand. This means that each piece is unique and at times products may contain traces of our workmanship.
    9. We will not offer any refunds, replacements or exchanges arising from the look of the timber as described in this disclaimer. There are particular unique aspects that a Customer accepts when purchasing handmade custom furniture.
  3. Payment Terms
    1. Trade discounts apply to bulk orders
    2. Full payment is required up-front for on-line purchases. Prices displayed exclude delivery cost.
    3. We require a 50% deposit prior to commencing work on custom designed products with the remaining 50% payable upon completion, prior to delivery.
    4. To the extent permissible by law, deposits paid on custom designed products are non-refundable.
    5. Delivery costs vary depending upon the size and weight of the product. We will provide you with an estimate which will be confirmed once the product has been made. You agree to pay the cost of delivery on these terms.
    6. Once you provide your deposit for your custom designed product, or you have submitted your order on-line, you authorise us to commence creating your product for you, on the conditions contained within this agreement.
    7. By paying your deposit for a custom-designed piece, you are agreeing to pay the remaining 50% payable to PLUSHJUNGLES prior to delivery.
    8. Our cancellation and changes policy will apply from the date that your deposit, or on-line order is received.
  4. Customer Commitment & Approval
    1. It is our goal to satisfy your needs. At times, customers may be requested to provide PLUSHJUNGLES with information, assistance or feedback. In order for us to service all customers efficiently, we require customers to respond to our requests in a timely manner.
    2. Customers should provide us with as much specific information as possible in order to avoid protracted delays in making changes during the design process.
    3. PLUSHJUNGLES requires customer approval of custom designs at several stages in our process.
    4. We recommend that customers review all designs and specifications carefully as once they are approved, you are agreeing that you are satisfied with the designs and that no further changes are required. Any further changes after you have given approval will incur additional charges.
  5. On-line purchases
    1. All photographs of products are provided as a guide only. The colour of products may appear differently to the actual colour, due to the resolution of individual monitors, computers, devices, or lighting variations. We recommend that you contact us to request timber swatches for further clarification.
    2. By placing an order on-line you agree to purchase the product based on the design and specifications as described on the Site. You should ensure you read the product specification prior to ordering your product as we do not provide refunds for a change of mind.
    3. Products advertised on-line are made to order so you should allow a 4 to 9 week period for your piece to be created.
    4. Products will be made as close as possible to the product specifications, but all products are hand-made so slight variations can occur. This is what makes each PlushJungles product unique. Working with different types of timber means that there will also be variation in timber colour and grain between products (see Timber Disclaimer above for more information).
    5. Once you submit your order you have authorised us to commence creating your products for you. Our cancellation and changes policy will apply from this time.
  6. Changing or cancelling your order
    1. Orders can be changed prior to the commencement of work. Once work has commenced, any changes may incur additional costs due to disassembly, additional materials, labour and parts and reassembly.
    2. Orders can be cancelled prior to the commencement of work. In circumstances where PLUSHJUNGLES has purchased the materials for your product, the deposit will not be refunded.
    3. The nature of custom made furniture means that each piece is created to suit your particular requirements. When you place an order for custom-made furniture, PLUSHJUNGLES acts upon your order and commences purchasing the materials required to produce your piece. When you place an order with PLUSHJUNGLES you are committing to purchase the product ordered.
  7. Delivery
    1. PLUSHJUNGLES uses third party freight providers to deliver products and PLUSHJUNGLES delivery terms are subject to the terms of the third party providers.
    2. Delivery is charged at a flat rate depending on the weight and size of furniture being delivered and the delivery location.
    3. Products are generally packed into bubble wrap and brown paper to help reduce damage during shipment which is incorporated into the freight costs,this can be a subject to change as per situation and project requirments which shall be informed to the customer during the packing stage.
    4. PLUSHJUNGLES will arrange a delivery time in consultation with you. Our third party providers generally make deliveries between the hours of 8.00am and 5.00pm.
    5. Generally, a person will be required to be present at the delivery address to accept receipt of the product.
    6. PLUSHJUNGLES does not take responsibility for lost or incorrect deliveries,. While we will make all best efforts to ensure your products arrive within a reasonable time, we are not liable for delays outside our control for example, delays due to weather, holiday/seasonal delays, industrial action, acts of God etc.
  8. Returns and Refunds
    1. We don’t provide refunds for your change of mind or an incorrect colour selection.
    2. We will also not provide refunds where the piece has been made in accordance with your approved specifications, or the specifications on as displayed on our website.
    3. PLUSHJUNGLES complies with the Indian Consumer Law with respect to the provision of refunds or replacement items.
    4. Given that our products are custom made, they cannot necessarily be re-sold. There is always some level of risk when purchasing handmade custom made furniture where there is no product that can be compared with as a ‘display piece’. Customers accept these risks when purchasing PLUSHJUNGLES products.