Shiva - The End of Every Start & The Start of Every End

Prem                                                                                                                                                                            PlushJungles                                                                                                                                                         5 mins Read Time 


                                         Shiva Statue In Brass With Stone Work                                                                                              Image Credits - PlushJungles

The Mystic the magic the master the marvelous, The end of every start and the start of every end, The epitome of innocence & the pinnacle of power,alright so all this is something you have already heard about Shiva, Some know him as the destroyer, some as a protector some as just a simple yogi or just a Hindu belief or a Mythological Character, Each has a different story or experience of him, But that is a subject that is a lot more deeper to discuss for now,

All though if we look at Shiva with an open mind & try to see him without the religious frills, He is not so complex and instead very simple to understand, Unfortunately he is often misunderstood as a destroyer or of a destructive nature ( And with that i mean in a general term ) ,Some people have also termed him as a demon, Some say he smokes weed, Well these are some misconceptions that are sometimes created out of genuine lack of knowledge and sometimes just to justify their actions or beliefs,

                       Kedarnath Temple In The Himalayas                                                                                                    Image Credit - Unknown 


With a little closer look at his stories and information you will see that he is certainly a destroyer but a destroyer of the evil within us i.e Pride, arrogance, greed etc,  He is not a demon but termed as “ Mahadev ’’ ( God of Gods / The Supreme ) The god that is feared and worshiped even by the demons, He is always high in his subconscious mind but alert at all times and does not need any drug to intoxicate him,

He holds no rituals to follow or rules to be his devotee or follower or believer, The best aspect is he does not even want you to be his devotee/follower/believer etc ,He needs no validation but if someone really wants to surrender to him there is only one simple requirement which is Love, Love that is simple just the way we love our friends or family or parents or however you see him as, Its not necessary you see him as god, You could see him as a friends, a father, a stranger, or just anyone, All that you need is to create a genuine and true relationship with him, 

You may be from any religion, culture or race it does not matter to him all that really matters is your karma/actions that you do each day, Your actions towards the people around you towards all living beings that surround you and most importantly towards mother nature that renders each day to provide you, you can wonder all your life who he is but he is who you are now.

These are my personal thoughts and views about Shiva some have been through my own life experience and some i learned by watching a very interesting series on television  called " Devon Ke Dev Mahadev " which was an adaptation from his book called ‘ Shivpuran ‘ , So my perception and story about shiva could be completely different or irrelevant to yours ,But that is what life is all about right? Different perceptions and experience, So if anyone would like to know more about shiva in a more entertaining way i would suggest to watch  this beautifully made series which is streamed on Hotstar called " Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, 

Thankyou so much for reading all the way through, I hope you got some insights about shiva and it connected with you in some way, Please take a moment to leave your views and comment, As i can’t express how much that would mean to me.

- Prem -

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