HEY, I am Prem… An emotionally-driven entrepreneur… Spiritually Inclined and dedicated to build a platform for Indian artists and help you create a space that you can call yourself…

Born and raised in Mumbai, I always wanted to create something of my own. Apart from the business my father and grandfather left me with, I was on a quest to prove myself and tried my hands in different businesses, MANY of which I failed. In some, I won but still had to quit due to different reasons. In the process, I realized my core interest was in communicating with people and helping them create a space that was an extension of their personality or with which they could resonate with.

Very recently I have also realized that I have been passionate about things that are almost unconnected: Writing, Fitness, Creativity, Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, Photography, Music, Travelling. This unusual taste of passion is actually a strength as opposed to liability since it allowed me to have no boundaries and set no limits in terms of industries and the opportunity to always keep trying new things… In short attaching wings to my restless soul.

If you have a passion for decor and interiors or are just re-doing your space and dare to imagine yourself in your perfect environment, I will be happy to be a part of the process of weaving that imagination into reality.

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