Customer Stories

Sonia Hays 

Business Consultant And Ambassador in Mumbai of Global Adjustments Foundation.                  

Looking back to 2017 when I arrived from Brazil to India, setting up the home was quite a task since I was missing some key pieces that I had in mind for a while. My love for interiors and home decor has only been increasing and evolving as I have been exploring different countries, enjoying beautiful architecture and had a close contact with art. When I came to India I had a few furniture requirements and some design ideas and I was looking for someone who had the same design aesthetics and vision to get the desired results.

One of my first projects was a coffee table - a large statement piece for my living-room with a mix of brass and glass.In 2018, I happened to meet Prem from PlushJungles. On the first brief meeting with him he seemed friendly yet professional and was completely in sync with my ideas , gave me his views regarding the material, options in terms of pricing and quality.

He was honest and straightforward to tell me that they had not made a table in brass before but it would be a great opportunity if I had given them the chance. I followed my instincts and they made the absolutely impeccable table that I was looking for. That marked the beginning of one of my forever go to place for anything related to furniture and interior requirements. The Carved Wooden Horse, Side Table in Metal and Marble, a Carved Mirror Frame are some of the beautiful items I got for them.

True to their word, honest and professional with a great after sales service.Therefore, when It comes to Interiors, Furniture, Home Decor, Handicraft or Indian Art, PlushJungles is the place to go.